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 Is this new to you?

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BeitragThema: Is this new to you?   Mi Aug 03, 2011 12:52 pm

Hello. Quote:@alkoholNot sure if you saw my other post but,1 - Could I use the method for 'THE_CAVE' for this film and have the same result?2 - Why use VoBblanker and not the Pcgdit and PSL2 pluggin?Im just curious about the diffrence..Cheers!@h2ooBoth methods are good and useful, I recommend you to keep both VobBlanker and PgcEdit in combo with PSL2 plugins and FixVTS. It won't hurt to keep them both because if one doesn't work, then the other will take care of the job. VobBlanker is a very powerful tool for "blanking" out fake/bad cells or pgcs, it will process and filter junks/fake cells/sectors just like PgcEdit. In addition, it can "blank" out that annoying fbi warning, plus other scenes, extras/previews/trailers, plus you can "edit, play, preview and cut" any unwanted scenes.Good luck at using both PgcEdit and VobBlanker.
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Is this new to you?
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